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Learn typing in an easy and funny way

Typefaster Typing Tutor is a very good program to learn typing. If you want to learn on your own, Typefaster Typing Tutor and your perseverance are the only tools you need.

Ok, you may write well, but you only use two or tree fingers and you don't look at the screen, just at the keyboard. Touch-typing is a method of typing which uses 8 fingers and one thumb and that's what you need to write faster and better.

Typefaster Typing Tutor combines two learning methods: The usual one that features the keyboard on the screen and the letters you have to write and a game where you pilot a plane and your goal is to eliminate the mords appearing on screen. How to kill those wors? Just type the letters that compose the word and the plane will fire.

Finally, you can use it as only user, share the program thank to multiuser game or if you are the teacher and want your pupils to learn by using Typpefaster Typing Tutor, install it on a shared network and know the results of your pupils.

It includes 25 different levels, from newbie to expert.
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